Application Process

Our Application Process
Once candidates embark on our Application Process, they undergo a rigorous review of their qualities and personality. During the Application Process, DetailXPerts candidates have the chance to speak directly to DetailXPerts headquarters in order to resolve any remaining queries and learn much more about this successful business.
Here's how to start the application process:

Stage One: Questionnaire

Begin the application stage by completing the Questionnaire.

Stage Two: First Phone Interview

We'll review your answers and be in touch within 48 hours. At this stage, we'll answer all of your questions and offer more information about our franchise, as well as interview you to assess your experience and passion.

Stage Three: Candidate Zone

If we've established mutual interest during the phone call, we can move forward. We will provide you with log-in access the Candidate Zone. Once you access the Candidate Zone, here, you'll find the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and Franchisee Application. Fill out the FDD and Franchisee Application, and we'll schedule a second phone interview.

Stage Four: Second Phone Interview

During this second phone interview, DetailXPerts will offer any answers to specific questions regarding points outlined in the FDD and our business opportunity. Also, during this second phone interview we'll evaluate your interests to see if they match our ideal franchisee profile. If you're selected to join the DetailXPerts team, you'll receive a warm welcome to our headquarters in Detroit!

Stage Five: Headquarters Visit & Agreement

At this stage, we'll also execute our agreement. Franchisees who come to Detroit will witness and learn from our operations first-hand. This is optional for new franchisees, but it's a great way to experience a day in the life of a DetailXPerts owner, receive essential training, and meet our executive team. The Franchise Agreement is an official contract between DetailXPerts and our new franchisees. This must be carefully reviewed and signed by the franchisee. As you execute the Franchise Agreement, the initial franchise fee is also paid. Upon receipt of your signed Franchise Agreement and payment, you'll receive a DetailXPerts Training Manual and have the chance to order your DetailXPerts equipment.

Begin Your DetailXPerts Journey!

Your exciting career begins with training. Our Training Manual and an initial training session offers you comprehensive first-level training which helps you kick-start your DetailXPerts franchise success. After you've embarked on your DetailXPerts career, you'll receive our ongoing support. As you send us updates on your business development, DetailXPerts headquarters offer you marketing tips and materials. Beyond this, we'll offer an on-site visit to assess your progress. And you can look forward to seminars and conference in which you'll learn more about the brand, business and other franchisees. We'll grow together so that can meet our goals!
Find out how you can join DetailXPerts: