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Chipotle Franchise or DetailXPerts – Which is Right for You?

Chipotle Franchise or DetailXPerts – Which is Right for You?

Chipotle Franchise or DetailXPerts – Which is Right for You?

Most people want to be their own boss. Some of them start small but realizing they can both have the luxury of time while enjoying a prosperous business is possible through franchising. The only thing left for adventurous folks to do is to scour the world of countless opportunities and find the right match for their skills, resources and lifestyle.

In the previous years, franchising opportunities provided the best results due to definite marketability and stability. Business owners need not create from scratch as they are bound to policies of branding and marketing that stick to the core of the business they are franchising. There is already proven marketability that only needs to be realized given a set of statistics and demography for a certain location.

Chipotle franchise is gaining interest recently. Those who venture in food businesses look for restaurants that open franchising for a lesser amount without compromising the potential to make it big. These days, to own a Taco Bell or McDonald’s franchise, you must have around $750,000 in liquid assets while opening a KFC franchise, would at least ask you to have $1.5 million net worth. On top of these initial investments exceeding to around $1 million, majority of the chains charge monthly fees estimated at 12% of the gross sales. With all the ballooning prices up there, targeting a less popular, but still marketable food business like a Chipotle franchise would make sense.

However, there are other options aside from food franchising businesses such as auto detailing franchise like DetailXPerts that has a dense market, which makes it more profitable given the right appropriation of resources and a little bit of research.

Now, the question is, putting all the factors together – which type of franchising opportunity would give out the best return of income? Would it be beneficial to go for a Chipotle franchise or DetailXPerts?

Chipotle Franchise – Marketability and Selling Point

Chipotle franchise business has potential. Upon its establishment in July 1993 by Steven Ells, it had already spanned from 16 restaurants in Colorado to up to 500 locations (upon McDonald’s divestiture in 2006). Now, they have opened up to 1,200 branches. If you own a Chipotle franchise, the main selling point is utilizing naturally-raised meat, natural ingredients and sustainable methods, flagging their slogan “Food with Integrity.” They establish themselves as a company that strives to be community builders by supporting events in areas where they operate. Regarding societal impact and service to the community, it is one of the good options for its values and principles in food handling and preservation methods.

Because of their specialty, the giant burrito, which is a synergy of Mexican tradition and American tastes, as a franchise owner, you need to take note that the Chipotle franchise is a hit in locations with an appreciation for Mexican food. Among their offerings are burrito bowls, crispy and soft tacos, chips and guacamole, salads and sides. Understanding the brand and the market it caters is key in bolstering profits. That is why owning a Chipotle franchise would require intensive location and market research.

Chipotle Franchise Requirements, Cost, and Growth – Is it Worth It?

On top of that, with only a few exceptions, all of the current 1200 branches of the Chipotle franchise are company-owned. The Chipotle franchise plans have been scrapped so the cost is just an expansion cost and would be borne by the company directly.

Fortunately, there are other new franchises such as Una Mas Mexican Grill and Wall Street Deli. Both are promising to explode nationally – similar to Chipotle’s performance in the past decade. The days of Chipotle posting double-digit increases annually have already dwindled anyway. So, if you are a potential franchise owner, it would be wiser to get a franchise that has not already peaked, or at least, sustainable.

DetailXPerts – Marketability & Selling Point

If we are talking about sustainability, search for a franchise investment opportunity that offers services. These are sustainable enough to create consistent profits, whether it is their peak season or not. They can give you the stream of money to support your lifestyle. One of the most valuable servicing franchise opportunities is an auto detailing business such as DetailXPerts.

Entering franchise opportunities with DetailXPerts can be a big ball of surprise for potential owners. They redefine auto detailing services with their belief for green technology as a sustainable, less costly alternative that can bring huge profits in the future. They bank on their “eco auto spa’ branding along with their strong business model in setting up their franchise owners to success.

One of their offerings, the truck car wash franchise, is being recognized in the market for its eco-friendly principles and excellent services. DetailXPerts delivers convenience at a worthy price that gives professional detailing services to their customers. The DetailXPerts business model is proven to be solid as it has worked in various locations. Its model has solid core – from principles, training and developing professional servicing culture from within.

Their winning edge is their steam cleaning technology – a water-saving, chemical-reducing way for car detailing. Their franchisees believe in the technology that advocates green living. Franchise owners also get assistance from their central team – from beginning up to the implementation of their franchise. DetailXPers has a hard-working team that is committed to delivering service excellence starting from training support, business operations management and marketing techniques.

DetailXPerts Franchise Requirements, Costs, Flexibility

Regarding franchising requirements costs, DetailXPerts is very flexible. It has low overhead costs. Franchisees can also get unlimited number of vehicle detailing units. While the company provides the branding and marketing, you are given independence on your strategy, depending on the capacity your business can handle.

As your business grows bigger, DetailXperts also promises not to bolster contributions. The key is to motivate the franchisees and stay true to the core principles of the brand.

Lastly, if you are a prospective business owner who is new to the industry, the DetailXPerts business model is open for everyone. No business experience is needed as franchising operations can be developed during training. Solid auto industry knowledge is a plus but is not required. This business is best for those who have the entrepreneurial spirit and open-mindedness to learn something new and make buckets of money from it.


If you are interested in DetailXperts business opportunities, give them a call now and their customer representatives will attend to you as soon as possible.

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