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Mobile Car Care: Finding a Niche Target Market

Mobile Car Care: Finding a Niche Target Market

Mobile Car Care: Finding a Niche Target Market
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Let’s get real. Mobile car care owners compete with each other, even if statistics show how huge the car wash industry is. Unlike car washes situated in fixed locations, mobile detailing service providers have to get out there and hustle.

But how will you find whom to hustle with? Whom should you offer your services to so you can ensure the sustainability and profitability of your small biz?

Of course, there are the usual customers – homeowners who want their cars cleaned right at their own home so they can continue doing their household chores while professionals like you take care of their prized possession; people who frequent golf courses and would not mind spending for mobile car care lest they use up their precious time detailing their rides; or fleet owners who understand the importance of keeping their vehicles clean for driver retention and customer satisfaction.

Sure, you will still land projects in these areas, but stiff competition can definitely minimize your earning potentials.

So where will you find potential customers for your mobile car care business?

Read on.


Mobile Car Care: Where Else Can You Find Markets to Target?

As they say, “Think out of the box”.

If you do not think beyond the car care customer stereotypes, then the success you have been hoping for might just become elusive. Think of creative ways to market your biz. Here are nine examples:

1. Small amusement or theme park owners

These places have different types of rides – Ferris wheels, roller coasters, carousels, caterpillars, or water rides that need regular intensive cleaning to prevent the growth of germs and bacteria that might affect the health and safety of their primary customers, the children.

Okay, that’s one niche. You found them, but how can they find you?

It won’t be an easy-peasy task, but with a combination of traditional and innovative marketing strategies, it can be done.

Post catchy ads on travel magazines. Most of these amusement or theme park owners advertise on these magazines, and as such, get free copies. They might not contact you outright once they see your ad, but when the need arises, who do you think would come first in their minds? YOU.

But make sure that your ads have your website’s URL, office numbers, and social media accounts. Once they contact you, encourage them to connect with you via your social media pages and engage, engage, engage!


2. Food and pharmaceutical truck owners

When it comes to sanitation, which vehicles, do you think, need it most? Right! Food and pharmaceutical trucks because their owners are aware of the penalties they might pay if they do not pass government standards for health and safety.

Make yourself known to this target market by promoting your mobile truck detailing biz on food and truck magazines. And while you’re at it, join FB groups about food and trucks. Be a member of those groups, be active, then befriend other members. Mention your biz and put your elevator pitch out front.


3. Airport parking services

More and more people are leaving their rides in these parking areas. Isn’t it time you leveraged on this? Contact your local airport parking services and offer to partner with them. You can also post your ads in local newspapers, travel and leisure magazines, so you become visible to people who want to return home to clean cars.


4. Race tracks

You might not be able to detail your own dream car, but here’s where that dream can come true. But there’s more! Race tracks are well, not only about the sleaziest, fastest cars but also about the cars of the audience.

How to get in touch with this market? Advertise in car magazines, give away flyers and freebies during racing events. And don’t forget to put your website to the forefront (assuming you already have one) by posting regularly in your different social media accounts (assuming you have these too.)


5. Senior clubs

Which customers are becoming the favorites of marketers nowadays? The seniors! This is a growing demographic that’s considered the second fastest group of internet users, controls more than 75% of ALL personal assets in the US, owns 40M plastics, and buys almost 50% of luxury cars in the US market.

Connect with senior clubs. Offer to sponsor one of their projects by holding a charity car wash. Although you can reach out to them through social media, giving out flyers, paper mats, and similar freebies might just earn you their loyalty.


6. Marinas

There’s one thing about marinas that you should definitely think about. They are the docking areas of some of the most expensive vehicles on the planet: boats and yachts. And because these beauties are frequently exposed to salt, water, and other natural elements, they need regular boat detailing which you obviously can provide.

Contact the management and offer partnership, say, a certain discount that they can keep as commission. Be visible to boat and yacht owners by advertising in travel, boat, and lifestyle magazines. And because most owners of these prized vehicles are considered affluent, consider beefing up your business’ LinkedIn account. It’s where CEOs and other notable individuals hang out when online.


7. Trailer owners

The trailer is perhaps, one of the most fascinating inventions in the automotive industry. It enables trucks to load more, saving owners a huge amount of time, money and effort. But here’s the caveat – they can be difficult to clean and a hassle to tow around town. So trailer owners typically have them cleaned by professionals.

Reach out to them through truck magazines, FB groups for trucks, and emails. And don’t forget to include flyers, paper car mats, and similar items in your freebie arsenal.

8. Caravan owners

Oh sure, caravans are great vehicles that are perfect for family or group getaways. But to drive one around town just to have detailed is not a good option for their owners. That’s why they tend to use the services of mobile car care specialists.

Your best bet to connect with Caravan owners is to advertise in travel and leisure magazines or the travel and lifestyle section of your local newspaper. Another idea is to reach out to travel bloggers. Their websites are visited by people who love to explore new places. Offer free or discounted services in exchange for a feature or a link to your website.


9. Aircraft owners

They’re huge, they’re beautiful, they’re amazing, but maintaining their showroom-shiny finish is not easy. Aircraft owners, having the funds for enhancing the beauty of their prized possession, would rather hire experts.

Grab that opportunity by putting your business name in aircraft magazines, travel and leisure magazines, travel blogs – go ahead and think of more possibilities!


These are just some tips on how to find new markets for your mobile car care business. But why go through all that when the DetailXPerts franchise opportunity offers market research and initial and ongoing marketing as part of the training process? Check us out!

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