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Read This Before Starting a Mobile Detailing Service

Read This Before Starting a Mobile Detailing Service

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Starting a mobile detailing service is a viable option if you want a business that has a low initial investment, zero to minimal entrepreneurial experience, scalable and flexible. Done right, it can provide you with a steady stream of income and will allow you to work where you want at hours that are most convenient for you.

But starting a mobile detailing service without prior knowledge of its pros and cons will work against you. Like any other business, you have to prepare for the disadvantages so you can work your way around it.

What you should be prepared for when starting a mobile detailing service

Setting it up is not as easy as you think

Some might say, “But starting a mobile detailing service is easy! All you have to do is watch some YouTube videos, buy some tools and equipment and off you go!”

In reality, that is not the case. Purchasing detailing tools and equipment alone costs money. Even converting an existing vehicle for this purpose costs money. Would you let all that cash go down the drain?

To be on the safe side, plan ahead. Create a business plan. You can get sampleĀ downloadable car wash biz plans for free. Get help from family and friends if you cannot do it on your own. If you have the funds, hire a professional to do it for you. It might cost you some, but still way cheaper than losing it from lack of planning.


You have to market like hell

When starting a mobile car wash, some people think that as long as they can do a fine detailing job, they’re good to go. They set up a Facebook page for their business, advertise in local newspapers, give out discount coupons and expect word of mouth to happen, only to realize that their efforts failed.

Marketing a mobile detailing business is hard work. Since you do not have a physical location, you have to do some tough hustling. You have to seek clients. You have to do cold calls, put up a website and link it to your social media accounts. You have to market both online and offline. Partner with related businesses. Offer referral bonuses or exchange deals.

Recruitment can be tough

Getting the right employees can be an issue for someone who is starting a mobile detailing service. Since your detailers will work in different locations, you will need people who are polite, friendly, honest, trustworthy, and can work with minimum supervision.

This is why you have to have a strict recruitment process. Do not hire people on the spot. Ask them to submit their application, then do a background check. It might seem time-consuming and meticulous, but it will pay in the long run. After all, your technicians will be your brand ambassadors.

Technician retention can be an issue

So you hired skilled detailers with awesome work attitude? Great! But don’t be too complacent, because competitors can pirate them away from you. Keep them by being an awesome boss. Be their leader. Be fair and wise. Make them feel cared for by providing them with protective wear and green auto detailing products. Give them extra training if needed.


No real income during the first year

You know why most startups fail? It’s because they neglected the actual costs to establish and maintain a new business. There are the expenses during the launch, fees for technology, safety, industry and credit cards on top of the expenditures for replenishing stocks and upgrading of tools and equipment.

With all these, expect no actual income from your business. You will be using incoming funds. Most of the time, profits are realized in the second year of operation.


Prepare to crunch some numbers

Your mobile detailing biz will not stop at providing superior detailing. You will have to check the financial side of things too. This means you will have to do some accounting. You will have to go back to the financial assumption section of your car wash business plan. Are you coming close to your projected income statement? How about your balance sheet and your cash flow?


Consider these points before you start a mobile detailing service. These can save you from losing serious money. If you really want to open a detailing business but can’t do it on your own, check out the DetailXPerts Franchise opportunity.

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