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Marketing to Seniors: 5 Tips for Your Car Wash Business


Marketing to Seniors: 5 Tips for Your Car Wash Business

There’s one target market that you, the car wash owner, should pay special attention to – the seniors. They make up 44% of the US population have tremendous buying power, and generally pay for the household utility bills. And, this market is 111 million strong, according to a Huffington Post article.

American pensioners who have worked hard all their lives enjoy a nice life during retirement. They have the power to buy and maintain luxury or retro cars, go to holidays, etc. They control 70% of the disposable income in the US. This is why you should consider marketing to seniors.

But how do you market to this powerful demographic? Below are some tips.


Marketing to Seniors: 5 Tips


1. Make your website senior-friendly

Use larger, simpler fonts so they will find your content easy to read. When marketing to seniors, go for words and phrases that they can relate to, not those that appeal only to millenials. Be a friend, not someone who talks down to them. Write conversational-style blog posts that offer advice on how they can maintain the beauty and increase the durability of their vehicles. Choose images that depict relaxation, security, and a feeling of well-being because these are the things that seniors value so much.


2. Package your services according to their needs

Seniors are not used to being sold one-size-fits-all solutions. Email is good, but direct mail is better, especially if you include printed discount coupons or flyers about your latest detailing services. And if you are not offering mobile detailing services yet, it’s time you reconsider! Include specialty detailing services that will make their vehicles safer and healthier. They’ll love you for thinking of their health, comfort, and convenience. Give them top notch service every time and build healthy relationships with them and you’ll surely win their loyalty. Once you do, you can trust your loyal senior customers to spread the word about your awesome services to their family and friends. That’s free marketing for you!


3. Emphasize the benefits your detailing service can provide

Baby boomers are wise people. They are skeptical. They put a lot of value on their money. They’ve been sold and bought millions of products and are aware of almost every marketing strategy under the sun.

But when you outline the benefits of having a superiorly clean and sanitized vehicle, they will budge. Your mobile detailing service can make their lives a lot safer, healthier and easier. They can have their prized possession cleaned meticulously anywhere they want at a time that’s most convenient for them. Offer specialty detailing services that will give them a sense of safety and security too. Headlight restoration, for example, can give them headlights that will improve their visibility at night so they can avoid accidents. Engine steam cleaning can prevent engine fires that can put their lives in danger. Air sanitation and organic interior steam cleaning can get rid of 99% of germs and bacteria that can affect their health and those of their loved ones.


4. Create a Facebook Group

Baby boomers, as mentioned earlier, want personalized treatment. And what’s the best way to do that than by engaging with them in your Facebook group? Have a birthday thread where you and other members can greet them on their birthday. Create a tips and tricks thread where they can learn easy and doable DIY hacks. How to remove hard water spots is a good tip. Snow removal tips is another. The possibilities of engaging with them are endless!


5. Harness the Power of Videos

Seniors love videos. Create something that will appeal to their emotions, something that they can relate to. An example is a video of a grandfather and grandson who happily plays in the backyard while their car is being detailed a few meters away. Who will not be enticed to get a service that will allow them to spend their precious time with their loved ones instead of cleaning their car on their own?


These are just some tips on marketing to seniors effectively. For more tips on how to run your car wash business, visit our franchise website.

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