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Franchise vs Own Business: Factors to Consider in the Auto Detailing Industry

Franchise vs Own Business: Factors to Consider in the Auto Detailing Industry

Making the Right Decision For You
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Tired of boring repetition in your day to day activities? Step into the exciting world of auto detailing for a fresh, clean start! Franchise vs own business: do I own my own auto detailing business or invest in a detailing franchise? There are pros and cons to both businesses, ranging from being your own boss to operational and financial standards. However, before making a decision, you need to research business factors to figure out which option is best for you.

Franchise Vs. Own Business Factors

1. Wise, Are You?

The very first thing to check off your list when considering investing in a new business is research. Knowledge can make or break the business, and you need to have a general understanding of the company you are investing in. Auto detailing is an easy business to start because cars are something people use daily, usually multiple times a day. This means that both you and the consumer have common interests in an industry, thus instantly creating a connection and understanding.

2. Passion Always Outshines

Passion makes everything you do look better. If you believe in something and want it to work, you will put more effort into the task, and it shows! Being passionate about the company, mission, staff, and audience will do wonders and let you outshine anyone else in the detailing industry. You are helping people be confident through their personal image just by making something fresh and new!

3. Plan it Out

Make sure you have the time to invest. Any smooth-running company has someone that has made time in their schedule to focus on the business. This should become your primary focus, and other business-endeavors should come second.

4. Money Matters

Whether you are starting from scratch or running a franchise, there are price tags on a new business. Consider your finances before you make any decisions on a company. If you are considering investing in either option, you need money to back it up! However, auto detailing business is a great place to start because the long term investment has a great outlook. Over 85% percent of Americans use a car to travel to work, meaning there will always be business. Franchise vs own business must be kept in mind when determining cost as well.

5. Business Models Are Important!

Is a grand image of success and luxury planted in your mind at the thought of owning your own business? Most people have a very specific picture when they imagine running a business, but don’t think about the steps to achieving that goal. Whether you own your own business or run a franchise, a business model needs to be in place to ensure a successful company. Envision how you want your company to be run and personal goals you want to achieve. Keep those in mind when you are choosing your new business.

6. Location, Location, Location

Choosing the right location can save you money and bring in more revenue! Auto detailing companies are more successful if they are near partner businesses. Think about the area you live in and where car dealerships or repair shops might be located. Is it a high traffic area? Does this particular place target your audience? Make sure you know who the target market is, and what types of consumers you are looking for. This will help to determine where you should set up shop.

7. The Match Begins!

What competition is in your surrounding area? To determine whether your business is a good idea, what companies are currently in the same industry? Auto detailing is a great niche industry to offer services that every consumer needs. However, find something that separates you from the other auto detailing industries and will attract people to your business. All washes use water to clean cars, why not introduce something new to the market? Think outside of the box when comparing your business  to the competition.

8. Coaching to Be Better

Remember that you are the top dog in this situation. Anyone that needs help or advice will be looking to you to guide them along the way. Are you a good coach? Training employees and teaching them to be independent in their roles falls on your plate, whether you own the franchise or business. However, the auto detailing industry has a diverse team that can help lead you to victory!

9. Oh the Economy!

One of the last items you must consider before making a large financial decision is the status of the economy. Even if you have decided that you have the funds available to start your business tomorrow, you must consider other people’s finances. If the economy is down, you might want to hold off starting the company until it has gone back up. People won’t pay for luxury services like detailing when they can’t afford necessities. Just double check before you dive in.

10. Legality

For your final factor, invite a lawyer for a chat! Talk to them about your goals and plans and make sure you have all the bases covered. Whether you are owning your own business or investing in a franchise, you want to make sure your ducks are in a row first.

If the franchise business option lies within your grand image, kick off your dreams with DetailXPerts. We will be delighted to share with you our unique, affordable and visionary automotive detailing concept. We believe that every person who wants to should have a real and sturdy opportunity to work at succeeding for themselves.


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