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10 Digital Marketing Trends in the Automotive Franchise Industry

10 Digital Marketing Trends in the Automotive Franchise Industry

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In the past, marketing was focused on tangible materials, physical items that you could hold in your hands. These strategies are still used today, but the new focus has become digital marketing. In response, companies must keep up with the current marketing trends due to the introduction of advanced technology. This will help you stand out from similar companies in your industry.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends in 2017


1. Carry it With You Everywhere

95% of Americans own cell phones. This means using digital marketing on mobile-friendly platforms, which allows you to reach almost an entire audience. People are able to use their phones just about anywhere, and with the automotive industry this is important. If someone is having issues with their cars, they can pull over and search for the nearest shop for help. That can even be extended to the detailing business. If someone has an event coming up or an important appearance, they will want to impress everyone with a sparkling car.

2. Leave Behind a Note

Reviews are one of the first items users search for when they are looking up a new company. After they type in their initial search, they check the reviews to see what the overall rating is. This means pushing online reviews, particularly on Google and Facebook, to help potential clients notice your company above the others. For the automotive industry this is extremely important because people will only take their treasured cars to highly rated businesses. People invest a large sum of money in their vehicle, and will want only the best of the best to care for it.

3. Social Media Presence

With over 1, 870 million users on Facebook alone, you can see why more and more people are jumping on the social media bandwagon. With a large demographic of users, this is one of the best digital marketing strategies to utilize for your company. Whether you content post to engage your audience, or pay for advertisements on news feeds, your chances of reaching people automatically increases. The automotive franchise industry can especially benefit from these platforms due to the visual attraction. Posting pictures of sleek cars and interactive videos are user-friendly for any business owner and will draw more people to your page.

4. Visual Appeal

People decide whether they want to visit a business based on a quick glance at a website. If it looks unprofessional and is difficult to navigate, people won’t visit your company. They expect your products and services will be the same, low level of quality. Instead, focus on improving your website and making sure it looks professional and visually appealing. In many digital marketing planning, this is the first step in your online presence. However, reviewing your website for improvements and potential upgrades later down the road can create a fresh look for consumers that may boost your overall sales.

5. Stamp Your Logo on Everything!

Make sure you brand every digital platform you are on! Everything you do, from blogging to social media content, should have the same overall “feel”. Keep your brand and image in mind when you are marketing to audiences. This is the case where everything should appear streamlined and matches the image you want for your physical location. In the automotive franchise industry, your main goal is to entice the consumer to physically visit your company. The online image must be engaging, and create the appeal of wanting more. This will encourage users to visit the business and see what else you might have to offer.

6. Ease of Access

Every aspect of any good digital marketing should focus on one thing: ease. People want the simplest way to find what they are looking for. If your site is easy to access and navigate, people are more likely to pursue a relationship with your company. If it’s difficult to find any information, they will quickly move on to the next option. Think about when you are searching for a new car. Likely, the first few links that appear are going to be the ones you click on, and if the site is well organized, you will keep shopping. Keep in mind the easiest way to find what you are looking for, and use this knowledge for your own consumers.

7. No More Paper Mail

Instead of the good ol’ days where letters and postcards were sent to mailboxes, the digital era introduced email. Don’t forget about this simple way of digital marketing. Most people prefer to be reached through emails, that way they have time to respond when it is convenient to them. Advertise your business or mention monthly deals by sending out newsletters digitally. This will save you money as well since you don’t have to pay for paper and other materials.

8. Live Streaming

In 2017 in particular, this strategy has become more popular. Live streaming allows you to engage with your audience, creating a genuine relationship. With live streaming videos, users can respond as you are recording and you can react! This creates a relationship with someone online that you might not have encountered in any other situation. This could be best used for how to tips on cleaning your car or showing off your products without them having to travel to you.

9. Insights

Many companies are utilizing the insight feature that social media sites have installed. This tells you how many people are engaging in your posts, and will give you a good idea on what works and what doesn’t. Compared to the past, this allows you to edit your marketing materials quickly, and make them more effective.

10. Messaging Apps

Whether you are sending out text alerts or personally responding to Facebook messages, this feature is helpful for any business owner. More often, consumers are sending messages through the platforms they frequent the most (ie. Facebook). This is part of the ease of contacting companies they are interested in. They may have questions that can only be answered by an actual person, so make sure you are checking these options!


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