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How do you define flexibility?

Quality time with family - Discover Flexibility  

If it means you get to spend more quality time with family and friends, or getting rid of that boring 9 to 5 job, then you’re just touching the tip of the iceberg. Here at DetailXPerts, we give flexibility a deeper meaning.

Flexibility of business model options

Here at DetailXPerts, you have the option to choose how to start your car and truck business as YOU would like to. Do you want to begin with just one unit and grow to several units someday or would you like to go full-blast with five units at once? Everything depends on you – we’re just here to support you every step of the way.

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Flexibility of profits

And because we want to keep you motivated, rest assured that we only require you to pay reasonable fees – from the initial franchise fee to the 6% monthly royalty and 2% advertising contributions. No hidden fees as your franchise grows so you can save up all those profits for other things – like buying a second franchise or rewarding yourself with a vacation to the Bahamas.

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Flexibility of profit centers

Our customers are car-lovers who do not hesitate to spend a few extra dollars just to give their cars the grow your business keep profits - Discover Flexibilitytreatment they deserve. They usually ask for our specialty professional detailing services which include headlight restoration, air sanitation, headlight rejuvenation, tar removal, and so on. Of course, more add-on services spell bigger profits for you.


Here’s what we offer in our profit centers. Just click the links for a more detailed view.

Automobile detailing Truck detailing Headlight restoration Windshield repair
Boat detailing Mobile detailing Minor dent repair Other Specialty Detailing Services
Motorcycle detailing Fleet detailing Window tinting

Flexibility of schedule

How can a startup like you have a flexible schedule when startups usually have to work, work, work really hard to ensure the success of their business?

The secret, of course, lies in your employees. By recruiting the best people and training them to be empowered, responsible workers, you can take some time off, knowing that your car wash is in good, reliable hands.

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Flexibility in marketing

SEO? Social Media Marketing? Flyers and print ads? Name it, we know it. In fact, we excel at it. We won’t be “The Car Wash that Gets It” for nothing. And the great thing is, you get to benefit from all our efforts at marketing our business. You’ll learn how to attract new customers and retain old ones by building relationships and earning their trust.

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