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Discover Rewards

Discover the rewards - embrance green living

Discover the rewards of the green clean industry

Companies all over the world are beginning to embrace green living not only to increase customer engagement but also to cut costs, leading to bigger and better profits in the future. Banking institutions such as Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase have placed billions in clean energy investments; board directors of global corporations like Siemens and GE have aligned their visions towards going green; manufacturers such as Unilever and their ilk have followed suit.
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Related FAQs

  • Why Should I Be a Green Business?

    The era of responsible consumerism has truly begun, as more and more Americans are becoming aware of the impact of their actions to the environment. People are starting to reuse, reduce and recycle not just to save cash from buying new ones, but with the ultimate goal of saving the planet in every little way they can.Modern consumers do their research, read product labels and shun merchandise that contains harmful substances. A survey by Cohn & Wolfe revealed that 35% of consumers worldwide are willing to pay premium for environmental-friendly products or services, like auto detailing.As the corporate world moves towards greening the world, so is the Green Clean Industry. In fact, it is touted as one of the most profitable businesses in the coming years by no less than franchisehelp. com.
  • What is the Green Clean Industry?

    According to, the “green” or “clean” or low-carbon economy—defined as the sector of the economy that produces goods and services with an environmental benefit. It employs 2.7 million employees working in a diverse group of industries, all aimed at helping improve the current status of the environment through wastewater management, solid waste management, and so on.As states, “Non-toxic residential and industrial cleaners are stealing market share, highly profitable green cleaning franchises are popping up across the country, and sustainable car washes and pet care companies are outmaneuvering their less environmentally conscious competitors. Using all-natural and biodegradable products that are often as effective as traditional products, these companies reduce their environmental impact and attract discerning consumers.”
  • Why Should I Be a Green Car Wash?

    Americans have always had a “love affair” with their vehicles. They do not only see our vehicles as a means to transport from one place to another. They treat them like extended family members.According to the United States Census Bureau, the total US population is 316,148,990 as of July 4, 2013. Of this number, 97% use auto detailing services for the enhancement and protection of their vehicles. This translates to more than 3 million vehicle owners who seek the services of only 113,000 car washes. No wonder you see queues upon queues of vehicles in car washes!With these figures in mind, you can see that you have every opportunity to acquire a sizeable customer base and rake in the profits that will provide a better future for you and your loved ones.

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