Auto Detail Shops: DetailXPerts Growing Franchise Territories

Auto Detail Shops: DetailXPerts Territories

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Auto Detail Shops: DetailXPerts Franchise Territories Explained

One of the things that our franchisees enjoy most is the flexibility that DetailXPerts offers. From choice of business model, through the variety of profit centers, to marketing and more! Also, we give franchisees the option to run their DetailXPerts auto detail shops from a small home office or rented independent office space. In any case, a franchisee can only establish an office within their protected areas of business.


Protected Areas

A protected area is the territory each franchise owner receives upon signing their Franchise Agreement with DetailXPerts. Our team will discuss it with you before including it in your papers. Therefore, it is important that you understand what this territory is and what your obligations are.

Franchisees operate their auto detail shops within their protected territory only. They can offer their vehicle detailing services outside their territory after prior approval, given that no other franchise’s interests are affected. Thus, we ensure that no internal competition takes place. And you will be safe knowing that your territory is protected.


Protected Area Limits

The location of your home office or independent office space will determine your area limits. We use city limits, zip codes, county lines, street boundaries, or similar reasonable designations to define your territory’s coverage. This delineation also takes into account the area’s growth potential. Your territory will include at least 300,000 in population. Business experience has taught us that this model works very well for franchisees operating their auto detail shops in defined areas. Moreover, you will maintain rights to the entire territory even when population increases!


Marketing Area Responsibilities

We have designed protected franchise territories to equally distribute marketing and promotional responsibilities. Each franchisee is responsible for spreading advertisements and soliciting customers within their marketing area. Thus, each business gains visibility and maximizes its potential.