5 Tips to Attract More Car Wash Customers

If you would like to attract more car wash customers, here are 5 actionable and easy to accomplish tips to not only attract more clientele, but ensure loyalty and satisfaction;

1. Use the Internet and Social Media

Using the internet and social media to attract more car wash customers is a necessity in today’s market. For example, creating a website and blog, Facebook page, Twitter account, online business listings and yellow pages are all extremely cost effective. But they are not very time consuming in relation to the traffic they can attract. In general, car wash customers will go on the internet when seeking out nearby car washes and recommendations. A considerable amount of business can potentially be lost if you do not present your business on the internet. Using social media is not only smart business, but it allows you to personally connect with your customers. Remember that even though you may have thousands of clients, a car wash customer wants to feel like they are your first, last and only customer.

2. Implement a Frequent Buyer Program

Car wash customers would like you to reward them for their loyalty. Offering a frequent purchase program allows your customer to feel like they are gaining something as compensation for their use of your service. The most common approach to this system is to offer a punch card, choosing whichever rules suit your company needs.

3. Host a Fundraising Event

When attempting to attract more car wash customers, place yourself in a good position in your local community. You can do that by offering a fundraising or charity event. Firstly, choose a noteworthy cause that the community is interested in supporting. Secondly, advertise that your car wash will donate a percentage of its earnings during a pre-determined amount of time. This will allow you customers to pamper themselves with a car wash while feeling a sense of philanthropy knowing that their actions are helping a worthy cause. Your car wash will appear thoughtful and generous, and it allows for socializing with prominent community members. By displaying the generosity of your car wash company, it is certain to increase both media coverage and word-of-mouth advertising.

4. Make up Contests and Giveaways

Offering a contest or a giveaway is a great way to attract new car wash customers and to invite existing customers back. People, in general, like the opportunity to win something for free that they would have undoubtedly had to pay for otherwise. You can advertise that for an entire month, any car wash customer who purchases a premium package or some other add-on service can enter into a draw to win something for free. These can be anything from free washes, free add-ons, free products, etc. The point is to make the customer feel that there is something worth winning, thus creating more traffic for your car wash company.

5. Offer a Referral Program to Your Car Wash Customers

Offering a referral program to your existing customers is a double whammy for increasing traffic and loyalty. Give your existing customers a reward (such as a discount) for referring new car wash customers. By doing this you will ensure repeat business from your regulars. Moreover this will create new long-term customers by dazzling them with your customer service skills and quality product.

The key to attracting new car wash customers is to put yourself in their shoes. Take an unbiased look at what your customers’ wants and needs are and come up with innovative ways to offer that to them.

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