The Importance of Personal Hygiene of Your Car Wash Crew

Personal hygiene of your car wash crew is good for your business. When they eat well and have good personal hygiene, they are healthier and don’t get sick as often. This means lesser sick leaves and better business.

The Importance of Personal Hygiene of Your Car Wash CrewAny service, at the end of the day, is about experience. If your customers have a good experience, they are likely to come back to you – again and again. While we tend to take care of obvious things to make customers have a good experience with the service, it is easier to overlook secondary details. Personal hygiene of your car wash crew is one such thing that plays a significant role in how your customers perceive their experience with your service.


Appearance of car wash crew matters


It is good to learn how customers evaluate you. They relate to you better if they feel you walk the talk. If you are talking to them about car hygiene and your car wash employees are poor on personal hygiene, they will be subconsciously biased not to appreciate your work. People make instant judgments about someone’s ability, skills, attention to detail etc. based on their appearance. They tend to make impressions through how others look and since your car wash crew is the face of your business, you should make sure they make a good impression. For example, a person who eats well and takes care of his teeth is likely to make better impact with his smile than someone with unclean teeth.


Personal hygiene is good investment


Personal hygiene of your car wash crew is good for your business. When they eat well and have good personal hygiene, they are healthier and don’t get sick as often. This means lesser sick leaves and better business. Good appearance and health of your staff helps you in retaining your existing customer base and attracting more clients relatively easily. While providing Value-Added Services to your customers is a good idea, there is certain baseline of quality you must maintain for a great reputation.


Motivating your car wash crew for better personal hygiene


It is important to let your employees know the importance of their personal hygiene. You may educate them on how personal hygiene goes a long way in gaining the respect of their customers and peers. Your crew should want to come across as experienced and reliable. No matter how good they are at their job, people are not inclined to take them seriously if they do not inspire professionalism. An un-groomed, dishevelled person is difficult to be taken seriously. It is like investing in themselves and you should inspire your crew to do so. Personal appearance is one of those subtle things that’s difficult to rate, it’s a collection of a lot of small investments of time and effort that add up to your image and how people think about you. Keeping clean and having a good appearance are also great ways to simply feel good. A good personal hygiene also works wonders for health and fitness. It is your responsibility to motivate your crew for their betterment. Know more about Managing Employees.


Hygiene is very simple to maintain


Personal hygiene is basically about comprehensive cleaning of and caring of one’s body. Maintaining good personal hygiene includes bathing, washing your hands, brushing your teeth and wearing clean clothing. A simple but consistent daily regimen is all that is needed to have good hygiene and all the benefits that come from it – health or otherwise.


Clean and evenly trimmed hair add to personal appeal as opposed to greasy and dirty hair that tend to make one look shabby and repulsive. Regularly washing hair fights dirt and grease. Similarly shaved or trimmed beard looks much better than unkempt beard. Dandruff and other tough hair problems can be treated medically if simple home solutions do not suffice.


Flossing and brushing your teeth can reduce the probability of oral and other diseases, in addition to making your smile more likeable. Brushing your teeth twice daily with a decent toothbrush and using an antibacterial mouthwash is the basic care required to keep teeth strong, healthy and shiny. Sometimes, despite good brushing a tooth can start to decay, one should take care to treat that else it can spread and infect gums. Bad breath may be the sign of a gum infection. Nothing puts another person off like bad breath. A regular visit to dentist keeps a check on dental problems. Halitosis (bad breath) can also be a result of dehydration or an empty stomach, so eating and drinking regularly is important.


Unpleasant odours and fungal infections are most commonly experienced in areas of the body that are warm and not often exposed to fresh air like the feet. Feet contain a lot of sweat glands. Feet confined in socks and shoes have restricted evaporation and then skin bacteria tend to cause off-putting odour leading to smelly feet. Different people suffer from smelly feet differently based on a variety of reasons. Some tips can help with smelly feet like washing and drying thoroughly with a soft towel and an anti-bacterial foot powder, allowing feet to breathe openly when feasible, wearing open shoes as much as possible, changing socks more than once a day if needed and making sure the socks are cotton or other breathable fabric.

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