Green Car Wash: Making A Difference

Read our simple and easy tips to become and eco green car wash. Promote yourself as a smart and responsible business in the community and protect the environment whilst doing so.

Green Car Wash Making A Difference
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You may not initially think so, but how and where you wash your car does actually make a difference. When you consider the impact of washing your car on the environment, it’s best to try to be as green as possible to lower your carbon footprint. For example, if you wash your car yourself by hand at home, you don’t know what contaminants are washed from your car and where that water will eventually be washed away to; plus, have you thought about the car cleaning products you are using? Are they eco-friendly?

Today, most professional car washes are an eco green car wash and do their part for the environment by implementing programmable systems that control the volume of water used in its processes and by using only non-toxic cleaners. Furthermore, by law, commercial car wash businesses are required to contain and collect the wastewater used in the car wash, treat the wastewater and recycle it to remove any pollutants and contaminants that may harm the environment. The cleaned wastewater is then used again in most cases. What follows are some considerations an eco green car wash implements to help the environment. Consider implementing them into your own car wash business to become and eco green car wash.

Use Waterless Techniques

Instead of using water to clean every car in every cleaning service, consider adopting new cleaning techniques and methods that don’t use water such as steam cleaning. This will increase your water conservation and significantly decrease the amount of water you use per car. Plus, think about the savings you will create for you and your customers!

Use Chemical-Free Products

Ensure the cleaning products you are using to wash your cars are eco-friendly. Chemical-free products are full of cleaning and sanitizing capabilities that will get the job done and done well. The car will be just as clean, if not cleaner, compared to if you were using traditional cleaners that are packed with harmful substances and strong chemical smells. In your efforts to become an eco green car wash, aim to use natural, pH-balanced, or plant-derived cleaners that are safer for the environment and your customers.

Produce Little to No Waste

Once you combine the use of chemical-free products and waterless techniques you will be surprised how much the amount of waste is reduced. To further reduce the amount of waste, use reusable microfiber cloths that can be washed when drying or detailing your cars rather than paper towels or ready to use wipes.

Create a Green Rewards Program
Inspire your customers to go green by introducing a green rewards program. At your eco green car wash, members of the rewards program could get front of the line privileges, priority reservations, special discounts, complimentary services, double credits for services performed on birthdays or anniversary’s, promo products, gift card services, and more.

Improved Health and Safety
Being an eco green car wash can actually help to improve the life of your customers. By deep cleaning the interior of the car using eco-friendly and natural products you will prevent the customers being in close contact with any harmful chemicals when they spend hours in their car. Remove germs, reduce allergies and get rid of that funky car smell using safe products to keep your customers’ cars clean and safe.

Conserve Gas

Service multiple vehicles in one location and conserve gas. Emphasize to your customers that you can take care of any vehicle whenever and wherever is most convenient for them with your mobile car wash business. Let them know they won’t have to wait in line or sit in a crowded waiting room while their car is being cleaned. They can simply enjoy it from their own home.

Make a Corporate Commitment to the Environment

Becoming an eco green car wash even extends to your staff and customers. Make a commitment to educate your employees and clients about sustainability and environmental topics. Implement sustainability practices into your entire business, from operations to administration; set up a comprehensive recycling program and encourage carpooling amongst your employees. Every effort, no matter how small, can contribute to the success of your company and your environmental impact.

You want to make sure your customers leave feeling good and like they have had a good experience from using your services. Customers are often more likely to return and engage with businesses that understand their client needs and concerns. A business that is responsible, smart, eco-friendly, and leads the industry trends is guaranteed to leave a positive, long-lasting impression. If you are unsure of how to transition your business into an eco green car wash, we encourage you to check out how we do it.

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