IT’S ALL IN THE DETAILS: Start An Eco-Friendly, B2B Truck Detailing Business NOW

Today DetailXPerts Franchise debuted a new weekly LinkedIn column entitled

“It’s All in the Details:

A weekly column about the Car, Car Wash and Auto Detailing Industries.” 

1Truck Detailing

This week’s column,

“Why You Need To Start An Eco-Friendly, B2B Truck Detailing Business”

focuses on the opportunities that abound in the Truck Detailing industry.

Barriers to entry in the auto detailing business are low and the initial investment is small compared to other businesses. However, the competition can be fierce, making it difficult for new companies to stand out.

The LinkedIn article includes the importance of finding a niche in the detailing industry. It also specifies why “truck detailing” is largely an untapped market and therefore can be the niche your business needs to take off. The article also includes a full SWOT analysis of the truck detailing industry.

Next Wednesday the column will address how to combat the weaknesses and threats specified in the SWOT analysis.

To read the entire article featured in this week’s LinkedIn column, click here