IT’S ALL IN THE DETAILS: Combating Weaknesses & Threats in Truck Detailing

DetailXPerts Franchise has a new weekly LinkedIn column on the car, car wash, and auto detailing industries, entitled 

“It’s All in the Details” 


Combating Weaknesses & Threats in Truck Detailing
Combating Weaknesses & Threats in Truck Detailing Img. Src: Google Images

This week’s column,

“Combating the Weaknesses & Threats In The Truck Detailing Business” 

focuses on strategies to safeguard your business against the weaknesses and threats of the Truck Detailing industry.

Weaknesses in the truck detailing industry such as lack of planning, not knowing how to set prices, finding new clients, and staff retention are a direct result of gaps in business/industry knowledge.

Having a thorough understanding of the threats in the truck detailing business can also help you to guard against them.

The LinkedIn article also touches on the importance of having a formal business plan.

Next Wednesday the column will address sales pitching and ways to secure trucking companies as clients.

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