Expand Your Detailing Business by Partnering with a Franchise Dealership

Partnering with a franchise dealership can help expand your detailing business. What do you need to consider? What works? Read on and find out.

Expand Your Detailing Business by Partnering with a Franchise Dealership
Expand Your Detailing Business by Partnering with a Franchise Dealership Img. Src: Pexels.com

With increasing competition from other car washes, a detailing business owner like you is in no doubt looking for ways to explore other ways to make your biz more profitable. Have you ever thought of partnering with a franchise dealership?

Points to Consider When Partnering with a Franchise Dealership

Where is the franchise dealership located?

Location, location, location! Of what use will be a franchise dealership located in a far-flung area to a detailing business owner like you? Sure, you can partner with them to detail all their vehicles before being sold, but what does that leave you with? A few cars or trucks to clean a day?

Of course, location becomes inconsequential if you own a mobile detailing business. You can detail as many vehicles as your time and effort permits.

Do they have the space for it?

Some car dealers, due to the need to increase their profits, agree to partner with car washes even if they lack the space to accommodate one. Regardless of how frequently-trafficked their car dealership is, stay away. That is if you own a tunnel wash that requires a huge amount of space. Just imagine how difficult it would be to your customers and your staff to squeeze in a small area. Again, the need for space changes if you have a mobile detailing business. All you need is a place to park your detailing vehicle!

Do you share the same values?

Surely, you and your partner want success for your businesses. The question is, do your values jive? For example, you are running an eco car wash. Of course, you promote the use of organic cleaning materials and wise water usage. Is the franchise dealership willing to comply or would they rather have their vehicles cleaned with chemically-laden auto detailing products such as the ones used in automatic car washes?

Are they asking for a reasonable commission?

How much are they willing to give you per vehicle washed? Take into account all the materials you need, tools, equipment and bills. Will ti be worth it?

How You Can Expand Your Detailing Business by Partnering with a Franchise Dealership


After you have considered all the points above, and you’ve chosen a franchise dealership, it’s time to think of how you can expand your detailing biz.

Cooperate with them in a specific way

In this setup, you can agree to build a detailing business that would serve visitors and passers-by. The franchise dealership will earn from your rental, while you earn from their traffic. Make sure to read all the fine print to avoid issues later on.

Separate joint business ventures

In a joint venture, according to Investopedia, each of the participants is responsible for profits, losses and costs associated with it. However, the venture is its own entity, separate and apart from the participants’ other business interests.

In this type of partnership, you will lean on each other for strength so you can accomplish a common goal. Making your separate businesses more profitable, for example, is a common goal. One way to do this is by cross promotion or similar marketing strategies.

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