Car Wash for Sale by DetailXPerts

Car Wash for Sale by DetailXPerts

Is the Traditional Car Wash Business Model Dying?

Unlock access to a plan for innovation that'll set you apart from the competition!

Looking for a Car Wash for Sale?

Perfect! You have come to the right place at the right time! DetailXPerts offers a car wash for sale that’s like no other! Our business opportunity has already won the hearts of dozens of franchisees. These entrepreneurial-spirited individuals recognized us for our unique technology, strong brand and values, superb services which clients love, affordability, superior training and support, and flexibility.


Major Advantages of Our Car Wash for Sale

As mentioned above, our car wash for sale has multiple advantages over other franchise options. Here is a quick synopsis of each:

Unique Technology

We have perfected and filed for a patent for our unique vehicle cleaning technology. It utilizes steam to bring brilliant results and unmatched shine to cars, trucks, motorcycles, vans, boats, and even airplanes! At the same time, it drastically reduces water usage, saving enormous amounts of this precious natural resource. Each of our franchisees is granted the right to use our patent-pending process and equipment. Thus, they not only make use of cutting-edge technology but do their part in saving the environment!

Strong Brand and Values

DetailXPerts is famous for its triple bottom line philosophy, which embraces People, Planet, and Profit. We have made a name for our environmental stewardship, letting our values shape our mission and vision. Therefore, we carefully select our franchise candidates. We only choose someone who can wholeheartedly become true DetailXPerts brand ambassadors. This is why we offer our car wash for sale to certain individuals who help us fulfill our dream of a greener world while earning in the process.

Superb Services Which Clients Love

Positive feedback from customers is what inspires us to keep perfecting our services and business model. Just take a look at the numerous excellent reviews we’ve received on our website, Yelp, and Social Media. You’ll instantly know that the market craves for our superior detailing services. Why not take advantage of it?


More Advantages of Our Car Wash for Sale


It is our sincere desire to make our opportunity available to a larger audience. To give the chance of owning a business to anyone who is ready for this exciting responsibility. Consequently, we decided to make our franchise as affordable as possible. Find out more details about our Franchise Cost.

Superior Training and Support

DetailXPerts has designed an extensive training program for its franchisees. It includes pre-training, initial training, follow-up visits, and ongoing assistance. Continual support helps immensely for a quick ramp up. You can see all about our Training Program on our dedicated Franchise Training page.


How do you define flexibility? Our understanding and interpretation goes far beyond what is generally perceived as business flexibility. We want to make sure franchise owners who buy our car wash for sale have the opportunity to be more flexible. Not only in their business endeavors, but in their personal lives as well. How do we do that? Check out here.