FAQs on DetailXPerts Commercial Cleaning Business
FAQs on DetailXPerts’ Commercial Cleaning Business

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DetailXPerts’ Commercial Cleaning Business

With the passage of time, DetailXPerts established itself as a leader in the world of eco-friendly vehicle detailing. Clients from all corners of the US are constantly seeking our superb services. Their exceptional feedback empowers us to keep evolving and perfecting our systems. These clients have turned into repeat customers due to the exceptional results they get with our unique patent-pending steam technology. Add to this our hallmark customer service and you will know why customers love us! As a result, more and more businesses turn to DetailXPerts seeking our commercial cleaning business services.


Our Commercial Cleaning Business Services

DetailXPerts has established multiple business relationships with other companies across the country. These companies include owners of different kinds of fleets – car fleet, truck fleet, van fleet, bus fleet, etc. We also serve automotive dealerships as well as other types of vehicle businesses.

DetailXPerts is the trusted choice for a commercial fleet cleaning business. They have witnessed the power and efficiency of our steam process, shining their vehicles as they never have before. Thus, they have decided to establish a mutually beneficial partnership with us.


FAQs on DetailXPerts’ Commercial Cleaning Business & More

As the word about DetailXPerts continues to spread, we get more questions about our services, our franchise options, and related topics. Inquiries come from all corners of the world. Interested individuals ask us about our steam technology, start-up costs, franchise training, etc. In the section below, you will find the most frequently asked questions and our detailed response to each one. If you do not see the answer to your specific question, feel free to contact us. You can use our convenient contact us form. Or simply give us a call at 877-317-9737.


  • Why should I buy a franchise?

    We offer franchisees the opportunity to use our innovative technology and time-tested business model. DetailXPerts has dedicated years to analyzing the car detailing industry and its technology. We were the first to create an eco-friendly steam cleaning method for cars and trucks. We have also built a strong business model that has proven successful. With a solid team of business leaders and marketers, DetailXPerts headquarters has produced a thriving brand and lucrative marketing methods. Through all our experience and effort, DetailXPerts has established the best ways to market our business in this industry. When you join the DetailXPerts team, you benefit from our time-tested technology as well as our rewarding business model and support.

  • Can I purchase your patent-pending equipment and process without becoming a franchisee?

    Because of the effort put into building our brand and creating our pioneering technology, we do not make our equipment and steam cleaning process available to non-franchisees. This protects our DetailXPerts brand for continued growth as a company.

  • What are the benefits you offer to a franchisee?

    A successful business is about much more than excellence in service. Success requires a rock-solid business model and marketing concepts which are offered to DetailXPerts franchisees. Small businesses lack the support, industry know-how, and strong business model - all of which are crucial to financial success. DetailXPerts runs a profitable business and wants to share their achievements with other entrepreneurial individuals, to give them the opportunity to build a solid business. DetailXPerts offers continued support and assistance throughout the process. When you join the DetailXPerts team you are in business for yourself, but you are not alone.

  • What else do you offer after initial training?

    A business' development and success are dependent upon continued growth. When you join the DetailXPerts team you'll see that your training doesn't stop after your initial session. You'll be in constant contact with headquarters as we share new ways to effectively reach out to your customers, deliver stronger service, and engage with the market. We're always looking to improve, and this is what keeps us ahead of our competitors. As a DetailXPerts franchisee, you'll benefit from our knowledge and innovation so that you too can stay ahead of the pack.

  • I know how to clean cars. So can I learn anything new from DetailXPerts?

    Yes, we most definitely can teach you something new! Most people know how to clean cars the standard way. However, DetailXPerts offers an advanced method that takes into consideration the damage to a car's exterior that water and cleaning solutions can leave behind. There's more to cleaning a vehicle than removing dirt and polishing the surface. Our company focuses on the science behind avoiding paint damage and ensuring that a vehicle's finish is carefully looked after. DetailXPerts has studied, researched, and tested the various components involved in car cleaning: water temperature, chemicals in cleaning products, minerals found in water, etc. We've developed the best steam cleaning technology and method to detail vehicles the right way.

  • What are the monthly fees?

    You can get all the information concerning your DetailXPerts investment here.