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Is the Traditional Car Wash Business Model Dying?

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The Eco Clean Business Industry

DetailXPerts understands that entrepreneurs like you hunger for more than just financial rewards. You have a deeper sense of social and environmental awareness. Proof of that is your quest for an eco clean business.

The 2014 Green Industry Analysis lists car washes as one of the major green and sustainable business opportunities in the years to come. It states, Cleaning Services provide traditional services with eco-friendly products and processes. Opportunities exist for pet cleaners, maids, car washes and more.


Why DetailXPerts’ Eco Clean Franchise

Destined to Bring Change

Since the inception of DetailXPerts’ concept, Emmanuel and Angela Williams saw its potential to empower the lives of others. Combined with the opportunity to save the planet, the company’s fate was already set in stone. The desire to reach out has been with the couple long before little Emmanuel innocently thought about cleaning cars with steam.

Over the years DetailXPerts has trained franchisees and their employees on how to be financially independent without harming the environment. From our steam-cleaning machine to paperless office, DetailXPerts is indeed bringing change, one day at a time.


Being Different

There is a way to clean cars and there is the DetailXPerts’ way to ECO CLEAN cars. This is the reason why customers seek our unique, patent-pending, steam cleaning method. They want to give their cars that showroom finish without harming the paint.


Cost-Effective Marketing Approach

DetailXPerts is very serious about its marketing strategies. Yes, we still use proven conventional methods like print ads and flyers. However, we take a step further into the eco clean marketing. We focus efforts where there’s a bigger audience in less time and less cost: the internet. With an extensive knowledge of SEO, keyword research, page rank, content marketing, etc., it’s no wonder we always manage to land in the top 5 pages of major search engines.


Unparalleled Training and Support

As a member of the DetailXPerts family, you will have the exclusive privilege of being trained by the country’s top business and management experts. They will teach and guide you from day one until they are convinced of your capability in handling things on your own. You will learn how to manage your employees in order to maximize their potential, consequently improving your bottom line. And, in case you need help, assistance is just a phone call away.


A Stable Business

Surveys and research all show that the eco clean car wash and truck detailing business will be among the most successful industries in the years to come. With more and more people becoming aware of their responsibility to the environment, how can you not have a steady customer base? These are people who would not hesitate to spend money for the beauty of their prized possessions, but without the guilt of harming their surroundings.


Guilt-Free Avenue towards Limitless Profitability

Having the right franchise in the right industry is like having the right key towards success. DetailXPerts’ customers are eco clean enthusiasts who wouldn’t mind spending more for quality car and truck detailing whilst saving the environment. Plus, we have a wide range of add-on services that can benefit both you and your customer.