Eco Commercial Cleaning Market Availability

Eco Commercial Cleaning Market Availability

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The Eco Commercial Cleaning Market

Franchise Help reports that the commercial cleaning market generated $51 billion in revenue in 2015. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts job growth of 6% by 2020. In addition, the following statement from the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association on eco commercial cleaning:

[Green cleaning is] “a marketplace phenomenon that is being driven by customer demand and the overall trending of the broad marketplace for environmentally preferable products and services.”

As Franchise Help puts it, both home and business owners are increasingly conscious of the chemicals used in their space, and cleaning services that focus on non-toxic supplies and processes have been gaining in popularity.

Overall, all evidence points to the fact that the eco commercial cleaning market provides a huge opportunity for business success. Now, let’s look at the vehicle eco commercial cleaning market details specifically.


The Vehicle Eco Commercial Cleaning Market

The car and truck wash market have an estimated value of $38 billion! In addition, the green industry is worth $211 billion. Combining the two means a lucrative opportunity that you simply cannot overlook! Both industries are forecasted to increase on a global scale in the new few years.

Let’s throw in some additional statistics to help you assess this market’s availability:


97% of Americans turn to vehicle detailing services to enhance and protect the beauty of their vehicles

The International Car Wash Association states that the percentage of drivers that report most frequently washing their vehicle at a professional car wash has increased from approximately 47% in 1994 to 72% in 2014.

Home car washing is steadily decreasing from 47% in 1996 to 28% in 2014

8 million cars washed everyday in America and growing

The Autocare Association estimated that the US automotive aftermarket would be worth $273.4 billion in 2017 – an increase of almost $35 billion in just four years.

In 2015 there were 257.9 million passenger vehicles registered in the United States, an increase of 5.3 million (2.3%) over 2014.

88% of Americans believe taking care of the earth is very important

A 2013 study claims that 71% of Americans at least consider the environment as a factor when shopping.


The numbers are clear. The evidence is on the table. Are you ready to grab your share?


DetailXPerts’ Eco Commercial Cleaning Market Availability

With dozens of franchises across the United States DetailXPerts is looking forward to meeting and welcoming new members of its growing franchise family. There has never been a better time to join us as we continue to expand nationally and internationally. If you feel that you fit our Ideal Franchisee profile, call us today to discuss the market availability in your area. Or simply state your interest by filling in our Application Form to get the discovery process started.