Green Car Wash Customers

Green Car Wash Customers

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DetailXPerts’ Green Car Wash Customers

DetailXPerts serves customers who value the environment as much as we do. These people understand that environmental sustainability is essential for future generations. They seek DetailXPerts’ state-of-the-art green car wash services because they are aware that we strive to achieve several goals – offer quality detail for their cars, protect the world we live in, and provide jobs to those who are in need.

Typical DetailXPerts clients are educated, white-collar employees who have above-average incomes. They live in urban and suburban areas. These people value status symbols and have disposable income that they use to invest in their appearance. In their line of work, appearances do matter – from clothes to cars.


Our Green Car Wash Customer Profile

We’ve done our research, so that you’ll know how to engage your customers. Over the course of your DetailXPerts career, we’ll compile loads of marketing data and promotional materials. This allows you to be continually prepared so you can make the most of your green car wash and truck detailing business.


Business Customers: Truck and Fleet Companies

Rental car fleets, limousines companies, big box truck companies, federal, state and municipal government agencies’ vehicle fleets. All of these companies need four things for their vehicles: beauty, functionality, durability, and economy.

We can provide these requirements. Our unique and powerful steam cleaning method for cleaning trucks and cars can make any vehicle shine to perfection from the inside out. It removes stubborn dirt and grime which can increase a vehicle’s performance and prevent premature deterioration. Additionally, all of these efficient, state-of-the-art services are offered at reasonable prices.


Women with Purchasing Power

A little over half of green car wash customers are women. Most of them hold the purse strings and decide what and when to buy. Considering most of them are mothers who want to save the environment for the next generation, you’re in for big business. Tailor your efforts to attract these moms and their busy home management lifestyle.


Older and Established

Of all car wash customers, 63% are aged 50 or older. This means that many of your customers have spending capacity. With grown up, independent kids, these customers have flexible resources. Get ready to work with customers in their financial prime!


Big-Income Families

41% of car wash customers make over $75,000 annually. This means they have the resources to spend on green car wash and detailing services. However, they’ll be selective of whom they choose. Offer them quality services and appeal to their environment-loving sensibilities, and you’ll win them over.


Young and Loyal

Over one-third of car wash customers are under 40 years old. Young consumers are known to be loyal to brands they discovered in their younger days. Engage with first-time car owners and young adults and show them what your green car wash business has to offer. If successful, you will enjoy a steady, loyal customer base that will generate income for your franchise.


Married Couples

59% of car wash customers are family couples. This means you automatically have two people who can spread your name by word of mouth. Satisfy one of them and he/she will tell the other about you. In turn, they will share your outstanding services with their own families and friends. This doubles your chances of success!


Car Lovers

When we say car lovers, we mean the 97% of Americans who are willing to spend for the beauty and maintenance of their vehicles. To them, their vehicles are more than just transportation that they drive between 51 to 100 miles/week. They are essential parts of their lives. Show how much you care for their vehicles and they’ll trust you with their prized possessions for a long, long time.