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10 Success Tips for Mobile Auto Detailing Business Management

A Year in Review A Clearer Vision Ahead

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Having invested so much time, effort, and money on your mobile auto detailing business, your natural course of action would be to ensure its success. 

Creating a sound business plan, using a strict hiring process, promoting a good company culture are some of the ways to keep your biz running. But how else can you ensure your detailing company will rise above the rest and be successful? Below are tips to help you out.

Mobile Auto Detailing Business: 10 Tips to Success

1. Deal with the paperwork

Yes, you have to take an active part in dealing with the paperwork, from checking if you are still aligned with the goals you have set in your car wash business plan to your financial projection and cash flow. How’s your quarterly revenue? You can initially hire an expert to guide you and help you understand all the documents that are essential for your business.

2. Create video guides for your employees

There’s a reason why videos are conquering the World Wide Web. They grab and engage the audience, are easier on the eyes than loads of text, and show intent more effectively. Leverage these advantages for your mobile auto detailing business. Instead of writing protocols, why not create video guides for your employees? This way, they’ll see how each phase of auto detailing is done, without you having to explain over and over. All they have to do is click, watch and do.

3. Build and maintain good business relationships with your customers

Your customers, needless to say, are the lifeline of your business. So you’ll have to exert time, effort, and some money to keep the relationship going. Got social media accounts? Engage with them there. Let them know what your current promos are. Give them valuable information from your blog or other websites. Ask questions. Greet them on their special days – birthdays, anniversaries or career advancements. Reward them for their loyalty. In no time, you’ll build a loyal customer base that will spread good things about you. Remember that in social media, word-of-mouth is king.

4. Look after your employees

The success of a great company lies behind its people. Pay them well. Ask about their families. Greet and gift them on their birthday. Reward them for great work, perfect attendance, and loyalty among other things. Boost their efficiency by providing them with the best tools and equipment available. Remember that a carpenter is only as good as the tools he uses. Make sure that your business complies with work safety procedures. Instruct them to wear gloves, and when needed, protective clothing.

5. Keep your website updated

Do you have a website? If you don’t have one yet, then it’s time you did. And always keep its content updated. Write blog posts on a regular basis. Take beautiful pictures of your detailing projects and upload them there. Create infographics. There are websites that have free infographic templates that you can use according to your content.

Now, if you already have a website, audit your content. You can use Google Analytics for this purpose. Check it out to see which of your blog posts are driving traffic and engaging your readers. And make it mobile responsive! Customers nowadays use their mobiles for browsing products and services – you wouldn’t like to be left out of the rat race, would you?

6. Use quality organic products

True, quality organic products can be more expensive than chemically-laden ones. But organic materials do not harm vehicle paint, upholstery and plastics. They don’t have toxic fumes that your detailers and customers can inhale. And they do not contain harsh chemicals that can pollute the environment. That’s a win-win for you and your mobile detailing business, right?

7. How about direct mail?

When was the last time you received something from the snail mail? Not sure? This is why you should start using this forgotten selling technique. Why? Simply because it will be a unique experience for your target customers. It will make them feel special. Send them coupons, brochures, flyers, door hangers or paper mats.

8. Look professional

Provide your employees with logoed uniforms. Customers will see you in a positive light while your technicians will have that feeling of belongingness which is crucial for employee retention.

9. Network

The more like-minded people know about you and your business, the better. Join online groups. They are usually led by detailers who share valuable tips and best practices. Be a member of your local Chamber of Commerce. Participate in community events. Reach out to schools and other institutions and offer sponsorships or donations.

10. Research, research, research

Once you achieve success, do not rest on your laurels. There’s always another mobile auto detailing out there that can offer better services than you. So do your research. Learn from your competitors by auditing their content. What detailing topics have they already discussed? What topics do you believe you can write more convincingly? Also, always be in the know of the recent trends in the industry. Read and regularly.

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